Saturday, January 6, 2018

lamp shade love

Recently I've become slightly "obsessed" with custom fabric lampshades... Pleated/gathered ones to be exact!  Everywhere I look I notice them. In master bedrooms and bathrooms,  on sconces, in hotels, pinterest, instagram and even in magazines.  So many places that I can't get them off my mind. Of course I had the most amazing lady up in Los Angles that could and would create beautiful lampshades for me. The moment you walked into her workroom you felt like you were blasted back in time. It was old and beyond dated. No joke you could barely walk in. You looked to the right and old lamps stared at you... You looked to the left and more lamps stared at you. As you looked up she had rows and rows of lampshade forms hanging. Crazy! She sat in the back of the workroom with purchase orders and receipts piled a mile high all around her. Didn't bother her at all. She would welcome you with open arms... Loved that! She was beyond talented and had a thriving business. Truthfully, I couldn't even tell you how my mom found her. No clue! Well... She retired and We have never found anyone like her again. Her quality and vision were beyond priceless. So I guess you all figured what I'm on the hunt for... A new custom lamp shade person. I might have found one... So keep your fingers crossed for me! 

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