Monday, March 27, 2017

it only takes a moment

Have you ever been on the go so much and then realized you haven't even stopped to smell the roses. Not really even look at what's around you! That has been me lately! But to be honest with you I love it! When I'm the busiest, I'm the happiest. Don't ask why... But with my personality to relax and sit still is slightly hard for me. I'm either always cleaning or organizing something. My brain keeps looking around and wanting to do more. So now what I'm trying my hardest to do is stop and take a moment in my day and truly look and see what's around me. From a flower, to a blue sky to even a butterfly that flutters across the street. To look at a person and admire them from a far... Compliment an individual on their appearance to work ethic.  The littlest thing that you can do and see can change your outlook on your entire day... Even week!  It really is the little things that matter in life... I always say to my kids,  beauty is all around you, if you just look... You will find something or someone pretty! Of course don't get  me wrong,  put me on a white sanded beach... And I can sit and stay for days {quietly}! I'll compliment that beach like crazy {wink}! Hey, I might even fall asleep as well. I'm obsessed with these images above! Everything complements each other so nicely. I would love to have that bedroom with french doors opening up to a garden. So beautiful! Just remember to stop and smell the roses and soak in all the beauty that's around you... It really only takes a moment out of your day! Enjoy!

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