Saturday, December 17, 2016

let there be light

Adding the perfect lighting inside and outside a home is extremely important. You spend so much time making your home so beautiful that by the end sometimes the little details get lost or forgotten. I have noticed so many times that lighting has been neglected and it really bothers me. I had one client that was so determined to make sure all the light bulbs were on a 3 way switch because at different times of the day the light in her home was very different... So she needed to make sure her lights were shining bright and beautiful at all times. I l o v e d that idea... I now notice so much standing in a clients home or looking at an exterior of a home. It really makes a huge difference. You can't go too small on your outside lights... You should have statement lanterns on your porch. The best thing I can say is, Go big or go home! I hope I'm not coming off as too picky or judgmental, but I just feel that you spend so much money making a home stunning and then you stop... Why? If it's the funds... I recommend start saving and and make a goal to have new lights installed within 3 to 6 months after you complete your home. It's such a great investment!  I just love these 4 pictures above... They definitely stand out to me! 

What do you feel that is neglected the most in a home? 
Would love to hear all about it?

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