Monday, May 26, 2014

you have a chance...

So do you know Adrianne Smith Floral Design? NO... What!?!?!? OK... Let me tell you a little about her. Adrianne happens to be one of the most talented florist out there. I've know her for about 14 years and I kid you not everything that she has ever designed for her clients {including myself} has been stunning. She's not your average florist that does the run of the mill arrangements... She crates and fascinates her clients. Adrianne's arrangements have a touch of class and style that no one else can mimic! My jaw always drops and I'm instantly glowing with happiness when I see her work...

At our little party at the rustic rooster this Thursday night... One lucky person will win a gorgeous arrangement from Adrianne {please let it be me}... All you need to do is show up,  have fun, have a drink and write you rname down... You then have a chance to WIN!!!! 

Hope to see you this Thursday at our party!!!


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