Friday, April 18, 2014

oh what a day

Hello my blogger friends... Today is Good Friday, the Friday before Jesus Christ was nailed to the cross, and the 1 year anniversary of my fathers passing! WOW, a lot to take into today for me and my family... I'm not a very religious person, but after my fathers passing I've been drawn closer to my religion than ever. Some will understand, and some won't... And that's OK!  I'm not a preacher so I will leave it at that... But I do believe!!! Stronger than ever! 

On a more pretty pastel note... I love this pallet! It's so fresh and fun, but still on the calm and classic side. For Easter I hope to wear these tones. Plus, don't you just love this soft and delicate petal pink velvet mixed in with gold. Yummy! I'm upholstering a sectional for a client in a soft beige velvet. Heaven for your body and your soul...

Hope your Friday is filled with so much love and laughter...  Stay calm and carry on! 


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