Tuesday, February 18, 2014

seeing green

Oh my gosh... This is so happening right now! Green mean juicing! This weekend has been filled with family, eating, fun, family, eating, fun, family, eating, fun... OK you get the point {haha}! So as you can imagine we've been drinking and eating like no tomorrow. I realized when I wanted to no joke throw up after my heated sculpt yoga class that I can't have that type of lifestyle in huge chunks. Of course in moderation is ok... I felt so gross last night. So of course now all I've wanted to do is cleanse and stay super simple with my eating habits. So this morning I realized this green drink was in order! I love it because it helps cleanse me and I feel good after I drink it... Plus, my kids love it too! It's a win win situation! Now I need to get in a mindset today that the rest of the week I need to stay clean and mean {amp up my workouts}. My family is still here for the rest of the week... So I will walk away when the heavy eating begins. Cross your fingers! Hope you all had a fabulous Presidents day weekend! What did you all do?


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