Friday, August 23, 2013

holding on...

I know summer is coming to an end here in southern California. Plus,  school is around the corner for some of us. My kids start this Monday {omg}. Right now I feel the need to hang on to these items to the very last day... minute, second... If I can! I had an amazing summer with my family. So maybe that's the reason I don't want to let go of sandy beaches, colorful toes, summery sandals, stylish sunglasses to vibrant beach bags. Please don't go... Stay forever! I do have to say the positive about living in San Diego is that pretty much summer is almost all year round {smile}. Give or take a few months.  What are you keeping around to remind you of summer? Did you have a good summer? I wish I could beach it everyday... And feel the wind on my cheeks and sand run through my toes. Ahhhh A girl can still hold on to fabulous summertime memories! Who's with me... Lets hold on together!  


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