Wednesday, December 26, 2012

lazy day

So you really want to know what I'm doing today! OK, I'll let you know... Absolutely nothing and I'm loving it!

It feels so good to sit by my fireplace and stare at my little ones stockings. I know they have to come down soon... But it just warms my heart to know they get such a thrill hanging them up every year in anticipation that Santa Clause will fill them. I've needed to take a moment to relax and just enjoy the little things in my life. My kids are growing so fast. I wish they would stop! I know you all understand... Why can't someone invent a drink to stop them from growing {wink}!  

I did buy myself a Christmas present the other day... Yup, just for me! Every time I would walk into Anthropology, Target, Barnes and Nobles this one book would stare right at me. OK Target made me buy it... The Happiness Project. Have you heard of it? Of course I'm happy, but who doesn't want to be happier. I do! I love challenging myself to different things in life. It's a new year so I need a new goal... Happiness Project bring it on! 

Hope you all are enjoying a lazy Wednesday! 


  1. Lovely pic! I am just starting to read that book too.

  2. Just catching up on your pretty blog...Love your firpelace...I happen to adore white painted brick and those simple little knit divine!


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