Monday, April 16, 2012

did you know

Hi! I thought it might be fun to let you know something about me... Why not I told you the other day that my kids are spoiled and fight. Oh what fun! Lets get to the next level with our friendship and share... All! 

I'll start off by telling you I went to college at San Diego State University for Interior Design. Loved it! My Junior year I had to find an internship for school credit.  I was given the intern list of firms to call... Unfortunately, our list was all model home firms. Not my cup of tea... Too staged for me. Every time I would call to ask for an interview I felt extremely nervous and scared. I was out of breath and afraid to talk. Hello, I'm the easiest person to talk to. I love to talk! {smile} So this internship thing was a struggle for me... Then one night I was driving through La Jolla after dinner at Georges on the Cove and bamn I saw a little cottage. No joke I stopped my car in the middle of the street and took down the companies name and address. My heart was racing... Pretty much skipped a beat! I new I found my internship. I was at home! I could have moved into the office right then and there!

The next day I made the call... Got an interview and voila I was hired by Jeffrey Alan Marks. I started that next week and loved every minute of it. After the semester was over I was then hired on by Jeffrey. I was getting paid now.  So my Senior year I worked with JAM.  I can't even tell you how amazing my time there was. It was unbelievably magical. Jeffery taught me so much about  interior design, clients and the social aspect of this industry. He is absolutely genius! Our days consisted of having too much fun! It was the best internship/job I've ever had! I was constantly listening to all my friends with their internships and felt awful... They were miserable. Jeffrey  taught me to never take your anger out on your employees. Never snap at a client because you don't know what their day has been like and always have fun with what you are working on. Designers get to serious and forget what their job is all about... Making your clients happy! I learned about exquisite fabric, thinking outside the box with floor plans  and don't be scared to try something new.  

Thank you so much Jeffrey... For everything! I'm sure most of you all know the show, Million Dollar Decorators. You guessed it, that's Jeffrey! It's so fun to see him on TV and say I know him, I worked with and I absolutely adore him.  I was truly blessed to work with such a wonderful & inspiring man!  Lucky!!!You encouraged me and made me grow to what I am today... Thank you!!! 


  1. What a truly fantastic story! And you are hilarious about your children. Loved seeing you Sat.!! xo

  2. Love to learn more about you, my talented friend! Love the advice Jeffrey gave you, too, about how to treat your clients!

  3. no way! that is very cool indeed. his home looks absolutely amazing on MDD.

  4. WOW What a thrill to work with JAM I can see you have the same great eye for details and color too
    Fun Post loved getting to know more about you-I went to SDSU too !!

    1. I adore JAM! He was so much fun to work with... I miss him! Go Aztecs!!!!!! xoxo Alex


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