Thursday, December 1, 2011

look inside

First impressions are extremely important & definitely lasting ones! So making the rooster look fantastic inside is what we strive for. We want you to walk in & want to move in. Everything is definitely perfect right now {said like a proud momma}. It's like a winter wonderland... White hydrangeas, white orchids, white candles, white slipcovers, white pottery, white dressers... Mixed in with fragrant fresh green garland. Ahhh I love that smell! Of course Christmas Carols are playing loud for all to hear.  Truly the only thing missing is hot coco cooking on the stove top. I guess you can't have it all... {wink} 


Are you ready for Christmas? Today's December 1st... It's game time people! Get all your shopping done at the rooster! Plus, we have skilled elves on hand to help you pick out the perfect gift for that special someone! Hope to see you soon {smile}!   


  1. Everything looks amazing. The flowers and greenery add the perfect touch :))

  2. Ahhh what a beautiful store. If only you were in L.A. Next time I am in your area I'm in for sure! Looks so lovely!

    Have a good one...


  3. Looks lovely! I'd get my hot cocoa across the street at Starbucks, then come on over and move in ;) Loving all the pillows, especially the ones with the welt detail. Happy Holidays!

  4. Alex, the store looks beautiful!!


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