Tuesday, September 6, 2011

before & after

I do have to say that I've realized in the past couple of months that I'm doing something wrong! I really need to open up & talk more about all my interior design projects that I'm doing or I've done. Plus, I got "the" call from my brother... He advised me that I need to start showing my after photos. OK, OK, OK! It hit home & I realized he was completely right. I hate it when he's right {just kidding}.  So with all that said, here's the before & after shots...

This one room just sat empty & bare with a few overstock pieces of furniture & accessories in it for about a year. My clients lost steam & design ideas. They were at a complete loss.  The living room had so much potential, but just need a little face lift. The placement of the built-ins were perfect, but the mantel design was all wrong. It was a true eye soar when you walked in.

After analyzing the direction of the room...  I decided to reface/design the mantle &  add texture behind the bookcases.


This room definitely now stands out & screams "come on in & sit down!" This family's entertaining level went up 10 notches after I completed the room... Hope you enjoyed my before & after shots. More design jobs to come. 


  1. I am so glad your brother had that talk with you! what a gorgeous room - I love it! Thanks for sharing :) xoxoAlicia

  2. Love the chairs and the room - your brother was right the before and after are great - I'm very afraid for you to post my before and after, but it will definitely showcase the facelift you are doing for me. Can't wait to come home this Friday and see my new window treatments.

  3. Great Job!

    I love how you used touches of peachy coral! Really pretty!

    xo kelley

  4. Beautiful room!! Can you share where you got that sofa? That is exactly what I been looking for!

  5. That is a very beautiful room. The fireplace update looks fantastic!

  6. Thanks everyone! This room was so much fun to do... My clients were amazing to work with! All smiles!

    * The talk was a good thing! Thanks Nick {brother}! ;)

    Aligal, That sofa you can order through the rustic rooster {me}... Call me at the office, 760.436.2171 & I can give you a price & a lead time. It's gorgeous!!!! One of my favorite sofas.

    xoxo Alexandra

  7. yay!! give your brother a big thank you. this was so fun! the room is gorgeous. off to pin it. you aren't on pinterest are you??
    xo, tessa

  8. Tessa... Yes, I am on pinterest now. Pin me!!!! lol

  9. What color is the paint on the walls? I've been looking for a nuetral and love this color!

    1. Any info on the wall color? It's beautiful!

  10. Wow, what a difference! We are about to paint our home, and are also looking for a great, warm but still bright neutral. Would also love to know what colour you used!

  11. Can you point me in the right direction to find the floral fabric used on the chairs? It is beautiful!

  12. Love your work! Yes- we want to see more pictures. Keep them coming!


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