Monday, July 18, 2011

finding the fun

This summer has been an absolute blast {whirlwind}... !The Scully clan adventured out & went to the Ringling Brothers Circus on Saturday morning. Oh My Gosh it was a.m.a.z.i.n.g! The clowns were hysterical & they even had animals! Yaaaaa So much fun! Taylor graciously volunteered for a picture & loved it! Ryan on the other hand was on a downward spiral...  I think he had overdosed on Cotton Candy & Icies {plus it was nap time}.  

Then on Sunday I took a dear friend {look here} out to the flea market with me. Let's just say it was definitely an adventure. We giggled down every isles, cracked the vendors up {photo session}, made new friends & best of all...

We bough these RAD sweatshirts that say Local Celebrities for only 2.00 each. {ha ha} We like to think {joke} that we're Encinitas/Cardiff Celebrities. Hey why not... You only live once!  So if you see us in our green sweatshirts... Give us a shout out! Greta thanks for finding the fun with me!


  1. such fun! rad pics too. can't wait til next time.

  2. I'm glad the circus ended up being a blast! I'm looking forward to our meeting on Friday morning :)


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