Friday, May 11, 2018

to do list...

And just like that the week is all done... Were you productive? Did you get everything checked off your to do list? I have this college ruled notepad that I've been adding my to do list on and love it. So far it's  working. I know some like to put lists on the computer, but my old school notepad does the trick just fine for me. I think its the fact I can write my list down with a sharpie and  then check everything off with colored pens. I know we all try so hard to get stuff done in a timely fashion, but what i've come to realize If I just do 5 to 10+ tasks for the day I'm a total rockstar! Now, to push yourself harder to get that list done... Set a timer for 22 minutes and kick butt! Ask yourself, "What can I get done in 22 minutes?" I started to do it and ABSOLUTELY LOVE it... I really kick butt and work hard. Seriously, Try it! 22 minutes is all it takes to get TONS done. Then move on to the next project or get out of the house and have fun. Hope you all have a fabulous weekend. I'm looking forward to a little mother love this Sunday!!! Any special Mother's Day plans?


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