Tuesday, May 1, 2018

the right mix

{all images from rustic rooster pinterest}

I'm L O V I N G all of these images right now! Seriously how fun are they! From the 1960's bronco to the boho round beach bag, petal pink kimono style linen dress to the oh so chic bedroom image... I feel the need to freshen up a few things at my house. With summer around the corner and the windows and doors soon to be open wide... I've got to step up my game and do a few changes. Here's what I like to suggest to my clients when they need a little help on fleshing up.  Change out your tray on your coffee table, add a new vase next to your nightstand with fresh color flowers in it and new pillows are always fun and eye catching! Of course adding a new dress to your wardrobe wouldn't hurt either... Hey, live a little and enjoy! 


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