Tuesday, January 9, 2018

tuesday {truth}

..10 things about me..

1.) I'm a very sensitive person... I wear my heart on my sleeve. I dwell and over think on how and why people could be mean or hurt people. I need to talk about the problem till it's resolved and all worked out.

2.) I love to cook... Creating new meals for my friends and little ones is so much fun for me. Plus, I feel that spending time in the kitchen is also very relaxing for me. Trying new foods always brings a smile to my face.

3.) I'm a divorced woman... Someone said the perfect thing, I never came from divorce and even wanted a divorce, but life happens and you must pick yourself up and move on. Plus, I feel everything happens for a reason!   

4.) I'm not a huge drinker... When I do I love the cold bubbles of a beer. Weird... haha I know! I love it! 

5.) Organization makes me very happy... Having everything in its proper place is beyond thrilling. I know having kids changes that, but it's not impossible. My brother says, I should start an organizing company. Hmmm not a bad idea. Clutter makes me crazy!

6.) I don't color my hair... I used to color my hair blond, but after I had Taylor the thought of going back and forth to get it done was draining. Plus, Taylor was strawberry blond so I decided I want people to think she was mine... Just kidding. I loved her hair so I decided why not and try it. So Yup, I'm a real redhead!

7.) I've gotten botox... My mom got it for me when I turned 40. Yes, I'm over 40 now... Yikes! I love it and it really has helped me with my Southern Cal sun lines on my forehead! I could see the difference in only 2 weeks from the very 1st time I got it!!!! I felt so much more confident! Just saying... Go get it you'll love it!   

8.) I will always travel with my kids... My children have huge meaningful conversations with me about everything {i'm so lucky}. No joke everything... The one thing that I started hearing in our conversations is that they were so sad being left out or left behind in travel adventures. After hearing their pain... I made a decision to never ever travel without them. They are my first priority in life. 2018 is going to be a huge travel year for us... I look forward to showing my kids the world! 

9.) I do not drink diet coke... About 5 1/2 years ago I started hearing that diet coke can cause Cancer, seizures and much more! Well, that's all I need to hear. My father at the time was dying of Cancer so I cut it out cold turkey. I have no desire to drink it ever again. I've tasted it here and there... But it's so gross to me now. 

10.) I l o v e manicures and pedicures... It's my de-stresser. When I've had a long and hard day I love to get a them. No joke I could get one everyday if I could. Hey a girl can dream {huge smile}.

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