Saturday, March 18, 2017

be you {try}

Finding simplicity in a modern world definitely can be tough... I'm always jumping through hoops trying to stay on the classic train. I love these soft images above mixed in with a beautiful pop of color. So pretty! No joke every time I try to add a trendy look to my design without fail I  look and feel kind of like an idiot. It's just not me. Its just like with my fashion sense, Trendy is just not me. I definitely encourage everyone to think outside their comfort zones and try something new and different in their lives {home and fashion}... Never stop trying! Never! But, reality for me is and believe me i've tried {which is a good thing}, but I know where I end up back too. I'm a classic girl living in my classic bubble {wink}. A dear friend said to me one night over drinks, your just J-Crew and we all love you for that. At first I thought to myself, OMG I can be anything I want to be {i'm not just j-crew}, but after much thought, I started to realize that's such a huge compliment, because every piece of J-Crew clothing that I own is still in style and is beyond classic... All of their past images are still fabulous and timeless. As I look back at a lot of my design as well... It's still simple. So I'm going to stand tall and say, Yes I am J-Crew! So with that said, stand up straight for what you want and wish to be... And love who you are to the fullest! Try so much in life. I'm sure loving where I'm at right now... Life is definitely good! 


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  1. Great post! I completely agree and a great reminder to not be something you are not!


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