Monday, June 15, 2015

progress peek {interior design}

I'm back at it! Yes, I can say the 2 magic words again, "I'm working"... WOW, that feel so good! I had meetings last week that were so fun and exciting. Here's a peek of a dining room that I started a few months ago, but with my move, my client and I agreed that I slow down and finish my office unpacking and get settled into my new space... Now onto completing the dining room. This transformation will blow you away. From dark and dramatic to extremely open and bright. Now that's music to my ears... Can't wait to show you how it ends! I think you will like this dining room transformation! 


{To hire rustic rooster interior design team... Please contact us at 760.436.2171}

1 comment:

  1. beautiful (as usual)-- I always love your light and airy style! What's your go-to white paint color for painting woodwork and paneling like this? It looks warm and yet crisp at the same time. Laura


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