Sunday, June 21, 2015

happy father's day...

Ok, I'm going to be so straight forward and  honest with you all... I had the best dad ever! He was perfect, awesome, amazing, fun, protective, strong and never ever ever let a day go by without talking to me! No joke! I think my entire life I was spanked only once by him... And he was mortified that he did that. My mom and I still laugh because he felt so guilty for days because of that. He never cursed or even fought with my mom infant of us. never! If he was upset he would stop and re-analyze the situation. I'm not lying about any of this... He was an amazing cook, told the best stories where he would captivate you for hours and could dance to techno like no other human being.  Truly awesome! When he was dying of cancer and in extreme pain... He called me just to talk for fun and when I was upset, he only asked about me and my problems. He would listen and guide me the best way that he could. My father would hold my hand and say... I love you so much, you're beautiful... Never forget that! I was truly blessed... I did have the most AMAZING father ever. He believed that my brother and I were the greatest gift he was ever given in life so he treated us like gold! Thank you for being my dad! I cherish all the beautiful memories we had together! Thank you dad... I miss you like crazy!

Happy Father's Day! 


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