Thursday, June 4, 2015

absolutely perfect

When you find someone to help you with your children.... All your troubles go away. No joke... Literally they go away! The feeling of comfort is such a blessing. I know being a very involved and dedicated mother you worry if your kids are safe, having fun and protected when you put them in the hands of someone else. So last summer I was blessed to have found the most amazing summer nanny ever! No joke... Amazing!!!  I think once again my dad was looking over me and said... OK I found you a young lady to watch your kids that will love them just like you do. Yes, I found "the chosen one"! Theresa... You came into our lives for a reason and are still in it for a reason! Thank you! Unfortunately,  this summer we are so sad to say we don't need her full time. Taylor and Ryan are in summer camps.... Which wouldn't fill her schedule to make money to go to Europe this winter. If you're in need of a fabulous summer nanny... Theresa is your girl! E-mail me {} for her contact info... 


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