Tuesday, May 19, 2015

she did it...

I promised you all a 1st time 5K picture of miss T! Taylor did so well... She had a few moments that were hard for her, but who wouldn't. I hurt a little bit too {hahaha}! Of course during her run I made her laugh, roll her eyes and get fiercely determined to finish the race. I know she'll do more... But as of right now Taylor says she will never do another race again. Hmmm I think she will {smile}.

1st 1k... 5 years old

 The most amazing running team... And family EVER... xoxo

 Girls on the Run team. So adorable!!! Such a great group of girls...

I think I'm more excited than Taylor is... lol 

 Taylor had a hard time... I'm trying to get her to laugh and have fun. Yup, she's not having it!

 We did have some fun on the run... She did the traditional water pouring.


In life try something new and different... Will add so much character to your soul! You never know where you will end up! Letting Taylor try new things in life absolutely brings me so much joy! I will never forget this day with her and my cousins! Even if something scares you... Do it! 

Have you tried something new lately? Tell all...


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