Friday, April 24, 2015

selecting fabric {interior design}

Picking out fabric for my clients has always brought me such joy. I love adding in so many textures that compliment each other! Layering one color with another color is a exciting challenge for me that I can't stop... Shhh it's kind of like an addiction. When selecting a fabric I like to start with one main dominating fabric... It's a piece that is bold and extremely likable. Then I generally add in a pattern... With the same colors.  A solid fabric is fun for stability in the group! After a few selections it does   start to flow... Heres a big piece of advise .. Walk away from your choices, come back and see if you have a winning combination. I do tho all the time. Shhh I do it with one eye closed, squint, and then do a few eye covers till I'm happy and confident with my selections!  Good luck on selecting... You can do it! 

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