Thursday, April 30, 2015

my true loves {throw back thursday}

OK I'm just going to say it... OMG these two little ones are my true loves! I will do anything for them 24/7. No joke! The minute I gave birth to them my world changed... For the good and the bad {haha}. Not going to lie... Having children isn't always easy... {FYI if you think having kids everything will be perfect in your life with your spouse... hahah... Nope}, but at the end of the day they warm my heart and bring a huge smile to my face! I realized that I was brought into their lives to guide them and teach them what not to do in this sometimes big and scary world we live in. I understand you need to let kids fall on their faces... Shhhh I'll just put a little pillow down so when they do fall it won't hurt so much {wink}! I love all these photos of my babies... They make me laugh because I remember each and every picture taken like it was just yesterday! Taylor and Ryan thank you for teaching me about life, love and happiness!!! Mommy is here for you always and forever!   


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  1. your kids are adorable! it must be hard when the spouse thing doesn't work out , please try to keep it civil for the kids. they need their moms AND their dads, for better or worse. kids are smart and they will figure out what's going on and who's got their back. take the high road and be the best mom you can be. love your blog you are very talented.


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