Sunday, February 15, 2015

love day... {xoxo}


I hope you all had a fabulous and memorable Valentine's yesterday!  I sure did! My new thought process with my little ones is... Everything I do or say to them needs to be extra special and super important. These kids really mean the world to me. They have stuck by my side and supported me through everything positive and negative going on in my life. Plus, they're only young once so I want them to have the best youth possible!!!! So yesterday I planned something they wouldn't forget! Well, I hope they wouldn't forget {wink}. We started our day off with a fun coastal bike ride which turned into a run {I hope no one saw me running while I held the kids bikes... LOL} then we took a Valentine's family cooking class at Sur La Table in La Jolla...      I've always wanted to take a cooking class there. No joke for years, but never got around to it. OMG... We had a blast! At first my little guy, was like really mom, but by the end of the class he loved it! We laughed then focused... Then laughed some more! It was non-stop silliness! One point for this mommy {yes}Being able to create this memory with the loves of my life, Taylor and Ryan meant the world to me.  I will never forget my first cooking class with my family... Happy Valentine's Taylor and Ryan! Mommy loves you so much... Hope you all had a memorable day with the ones you love! Would love to hear what you all did? 

Happy Sunday!!!


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