Friday, January 2, 2015

on my mind [interior design}

 {all photos via rustic rooster interior design and pinterest

You know what's been on every designers mind right now... OMG It's 2015 and I'm gonna try harder... I'm going to change {think bigger and better}...  I'm going to do new and exciting things for my clients. Well, I think that's absolutely wonderful!!! No joke... Always being open minded makes you a very special person {wink}!!! Never give up... Never! Realistically, I do try new and different things, but I always go back to my core design style... The classics. Sorry, but I will be honest and truthful with everyone this year.  I love simplicity with traditional lines. Of course I add a wild card into each home I design... If you want to know what a wild card is, I guess you're going to have to hire me {wink}. I hope everyone has a wonderful 2015... I'm so excited for this year! Big things are coming to the rooster! Watch out... 


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