Saturday, July 12, 2014

you go girl... cheers

Just picked this book up last night at Barns and Nobles... I couldn't put it down after I put my little ones to bed! OH my!  Loving the fact that Sophia never went to business school... Never followed the norm... Stayed on her own path and definitely fell on her face throughout her entire adventure {process}... Picked herself up and learned from her mistakes and grew so much from it all! My father never went to school... Never had a formal business education. He was extremely successful entrepreneur... Owned tons of real-estate and had a very successful business {store/online business}! Trial and error... Is the best teacher!  I'm not saying education is bad... I went to college. Got my bachelors degree at San Diego State University in Interior Design... But to be honest with you I have learned so much more on my own in the workforce. My father said to me... Try this for 2 years, if it doesn't work, stop and move on to something else. That's the best advise ever... Thanks Dad!  Hello... Almost 15 years later!!! The rooster has gone through tons of ups and downs... But you know what we have that no one else has... A kind, respectful, caring, loving, devoted family business!!!!!! Can't wait to finish this book... Hopefully tonight. Go get it if your ready for your "girl" adventure!!!!!! 


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