Tuesday, July 29, 2014

totally legit

Well, I've been a little pre-occuied with this handsome guy! Last Friday was Ryan's last day of Skateboarding Camp at the YMCA, Encinitas. He loved it! No joke everyday this kids would come home in love with skateboarding and eager to get back to camp the next day... Of course exhausted from his daily adventure. Well, on the last day of camp all the parents were invited to watch their kids show off their skills that they learned. Well, Sean and I were there prompt and ready to watch Ryan shine. Oh we were proud parents... Yes, the ones that are yelling from the sidelines... "Oh ya!"... "Way to go Ryan"... "Oh my you are awesome!!!!" Shining from ear to ear with pride that he could drop in and he's only 6.

{he's only 6}

Let me remind you... Sean and I have let our kids do any sport that they would like... If they love it go for it. Yes, sometimes my heart will skip a beat, but you know what, if it makes them happy... Go for it! Ryan was 2 when he stole a bike {yes, stole a bike} from a park and started riding  it and yes 2 1/2 when he started skateboarding with his father. How could I tell him no now... Nope! I only encourage and put a smile on my face! If he comes home with a tattoo or piercings then you will hear me scream and pass out! Sorry, don't be mad at me that I said that... 

Well, the point of this post is... Ryan fell on his wrist and broke it last Friday. Everyone kept saying OMG you must have been freaked out and your heart i'm sure stopped. Actually no... It was such a simple and small fall I didn't think anything of it... Until he wouldn't stop crying and then I felt him shaking. That's not my boy. He never really cries... So we knew something was wrong. After Sean put him in my car... We drove directly over to Scripps ER. Yup, he broke his wrist alright. It was a clean break thank God. No re-breaking and no surgery... Phewwwwww!!!!!!

{actual footage of ryan's fall}


So now Ryan is totally legit! He has a real cast and can say... Yup, i'm so cool I fell and broke a bone! Ok parents it's ok for kids to fall and break bones... They will be ok! One thing you need to remember is to encourage them to get back out in the game after an accident happens. Ryan wants to skateboard again. Yes!!!!! So if you see him... High five him and say, Rock on {wink}! I was just doing a lot of cuddling this weekend... Not blogging! If any moms with wild and tough boys have any non-water sport activities please let me know. I need help to keep him busy for 2 weeks until his waterproof cast goes on. Tell all... Help please!!!!!!

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