Thursday, July 17, 2014

east coast love {interior design}

I always love working with clients that are from the East Coast. I think I understand them... Of course as you all know I was born and raised in California, but a lot of my family either went to school back east or live there now. I worked on the Cape and secretly wanted to move to Boston. I love everything about it there... Maybe one day {wink}!

With this client I needed to add a few finishing touches to each room...  From the French market basket holding extra sofa pillows to the brass hardware on the mudroom and kitchen cabinets to the custom seat covers with blue welting to tie in the family room rolled arm sofa to hanging seafans up in a fun pattern. Now Everything starting to coming together as planned... I love this home. The feel so comfortable and fresh. Who wants to complain about that?  



  1. Absolutely beautiful and timeless!! I love your style and I too have an affinity for the east coast 'style'. We just moved to KY from CT and I find even more that I am trying to infuse an 'east coast' /coastal/ classic casualness to my home. You capture that style very well!! Great job. PS: Love your green shoes! :)

  2. Love everything about these images! Your style is incredible!

  3. Perfection!!! You're the best! Christina :)

  4. Looks great! We are currently looking for wood floors for our house! I love the floors in the pictures do you know what kind of wood they are by any chance!


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