Thursday, October 3, 2013

try try try

Do you ever sit and wonder if you should try something new in your life? Be adventurous! Do you have that list of wishes and wants? Hidden in your nightstand... For only you to see it {smile}. Well, I sure do.  I consider myself a pretty happy go luck lady who likes to try new things. I've made the mental list and tried to make the written list. Well, lately a lot has been happening to me in my life. Of course you all know my father passed {here}. So as my therapist says, and yes I have been going to one {adore her} ... Grief comes in stages... More like waves to me. Three months, six moths and so on... I'm in the six month wave right now. Oh my it's rough and I'm raw!!!! I'm feeling the pain... But that's a good thing! I've started to realize that I need more in my life... So I want to try new things. It's a good thing. We get stuck in the same old routine day after day and to be honest with you it's not healthy for anyone... Having a tragedy{s} occur in your life can really open your eyes up to a lot. I want to try new things... I want to do new things... I want to try, try, try! It's scary what my future holds... But if I don't try I will never know what's out there... I feel positive and excited for what's to come. So on that note... This is what I would like to try! 

{paddle boarding}

I've heard so many fun things about paddle boarding... How easy, exciting and fun it is! It looks relaxing. I say that now... I'll tell you later when I do it {wink}!

 {shooting range}

I've always wanted to go to a shooting range. I want to know how to shoot a gun. Lock and load it... For me and myself only! What if I was in a situation where I needed to make sure a gun was disarmed and locked... Or I did need to defend myself. I want to try it. Plus, I heard it's the most liberating and freeing experience ever! 

{painting class}

I want to school for Interior Design. I took many many art classes... I just feel so out of touch with painting. I want to take a class to feel organic and free again. Plus, I don't want to get a grade on it {haha}. It's for me and only me. I never have took a real relaxed out of school oil painting class before...   Never! Ahhh to be free again! 

{kickboxing class}

In college I used to go with my roommate to kickboxing classes. I loved it... I loved the end feeling. It was powerful and thrilling. So if you see me at a kickboxing class... Throw me a fist pump. 

I do have many more things I would like to try... But, I didn't want to write a novel and bore you all. One piece of advice.. Get out and live life to the fullest! Try new things and laugh your heart out!!! Believe me you'll feel like a whole new person... 



  1. Wonderful post! At 46 years young, I am doing alot of the same things - it is awesome!

  2. Jill... Thank you... Life is so short, we need to live it! It feels good!!!!! xoxo Alexandra

  3. I love this list! Like you, I've been itching to add some life to my life. This post was certainly inspirational!

  4. i can relate to your pain in loosing a precious loved one. it made me reexamine my life and not take anything for granted. it is a process recovering from missing someone that was in your everyday life. and time makes that easier..... i know that my children's presence was a huge help and i'm grateful they are in my life to help get ease the heartbreak. looking to enjoy new activities is a great way to be kind to yourself at this delicate time. take care

  5. I would love to hit up a shooting range with you! let's do it!


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