Monday, October 28, 2013

rustic rooster {challenge}...

Good morning everyone! I truly feel this week is going to be a great week for a challenge…   I absolutely love doing this! Do you? It keeps me goal oriented and on track… I need structure and responsibility to keep me motivated to go forward. I'm sorry, I didn't post a challenge last Monday… But, I got a cold and was over loaded with kids and work. Good times!  The following Mondays challenge {here} was AMAZING! I was supposed to workout for 7 days straight. I did 6 days though. I'm OK with that… Hey, it's better than nothing! Saturday night was when I got a cold. Of course a nasty head cold… The one that consumes your brain and gives you the achey's all over. Ouch! All I wanted to do was get in bed and sleep it away… So working out wasn't in my future for that Saturday evening. That's OK! I'm very proud of myself for pushing myself and feeling the pain of each  workout. My muscles were tired and sore, but I made myself conquer on. I could see result, I felt happier and more alive.  These feelings are what we all need in our lives… Truly amazing. I felt awake and attentive! Making myself aware of each workout… Helped me accountable for not quitting. I'm not a quitter… I'm strong! From this challenge I realized I can push myself and make my body feel healthier. On the flip side, I felt very tired by the end. If I didn't have work I could do it more on a regular basis. Not gonna lie, I wish I could do it 24/7.    My body started craving it, but it definitely took a toll on it. I think I'll stick to 4 to 5 days a week. who knows I could to 5 to 6 {smile}.  Here are the photos that I promised you… Documentation baby! 

I think this weeks challenge for me is going to be a home made green drink each morning… Packed with fresh fruit {select ones}, spinach, chia seeds, coconut milk and almonds. Of course workout 4 to 5 days a week...  Plus, I think I'm going to up the challenge a bit. I need to clean out 1 drawer a day too. Trash, organize and donate!  I'll take pictures to show you all my 7 day challenge journey! Bring it on! 

Are you in or are you out? 
Don't be a baby… Join in!


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  1. I'll join you with the drawer cleanout, or in my case the basket and pile cleanout. I tricked myself into thinking if I threw stuff in a basket, it would look cute. And it does. But those baskets need to be cleaned out. Thanks for the challenge!


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