Monday, October 14, 2013

rustic rooster {the challenge}

Good morning...  So my last weeks challenge {here} was slightly {just a little} difficult for me. I know you all are saying, really 7 days and you couldn't do it. I'll be very honest with you... My little guy stayed home with a fever for 2 days so I got super bored & craved my creamer. I'm know it was boredom... Pure boredom. Sorry! OK You all might think I'm weak. No I'm really not... I just had a slight breakdown. Just a little weakness entered in my body and I said yes {shoot}. So this challenge didn't really do any thing for me. It left me with bad breath and wanting my creamer even more. I didn't feel like I lost weight or felt better. I felt the same... No change. I wish it did change me... Hey one less grocery expense would have been nice. Kind of like when you get to stop buying diapers. Ahhhh financial freedom!  Now I need a new challenge for he week. Hmmmmm What should it be? Smile at 5 new people a day? Say hello to 5 new people on the street? Help 5 strangers out... Done, done and done! All of those  little challenges I already try to do on a daily bases. That helps my heart and my soul when I do that. Got it, This weeks challenge is to work out for 7 days straight! This time I will document my workout challenge everyday with a photo! I generally workout 3 to 4 days a week {on a good week}. Hope you all can join me and get active... Please tell me what your workout routine is. I would love to hear what you do... I might want to try something new. Have fun!!!! We can do this! 


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