Friday, August 30, 2013

boys bathroom {interior design}

I felt that a boys bathroom really wouldn't be complete with out some octopi, wall to wall paneling and dark stained cabinets... Oh My!  This bathroom that I designed is for two very active boys... Athletic and extremely physical  guys! So I needed to make everything sturdy and practical. For those parents of boys out there you can totally understand my clients request. I can sure relate! Spending a large amount of money on remodeling a bathroom can be scary especially when you have children that might destroy it because of their age. It happens... Nothing wrong with admitting that. We're all human! Some people think it, well I will say it for you! So when we sat down to figure out the design of the room... We came up with fool proof solutions. I think we achieved just that... Simple and clean lines. Not a lot of fluff. What ideas have you come up with to create the perfect sturdy bathroom for your boys? Please share... I love new and creative ideas!   


1 comment:

  1. Hi, Alex! Your bathroom for boys is so fresh and simple. I love your work!! xo Lauren May


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