Monday, December 31, 2012

4. 3. 2. 1...

OH what a year... 2012 has been amazing for the rustic rooster! As I look back and reminisce of the good times... All I can do is smile ear to ear. My grandmother turned 100 years old and is till kicking butt {love her}! Mom and I have been truly blessed with 2 new fabulous employees at the rooster, Natasha and Melissa. The vibe and work production in 2012 has absolutely blown us away. We've grown our accessories like no other. We've added new furniture to the rooster family that has been selling like hot cakes. Our custom furniture  designs have brought so much joy to all of our customers and clients. Yes! I could go on and on with 2012 accomplishments, but I don't want to bore you... Now to the good stuff... 2013!
This is going to be the year of growth and change! After heavy conversation we're going to be re-opening up our online shopping cart again. The demand to ship our furniture and accessories all over the state in 2012 has got us thinking... It's time to re-open this little guy I've worked so hard on for years and spent a lot of money on.  Now with all of the wonderful man power we can actually stay on top of things!  Next on our new 2013 jump is moving our interior design office to a bigger space. Don't get too excited... It's just a room over {chuckle}. With the all of our new and amazing clients we need more space for them. We also need to make room for a bigger sourcing library. Getting out of the office and traveling more is on the list of to-do's this year as well... It's been hard with 2 kids. Now I think I can manage it once a week. I truly cant wait. Plus, the rooster is growing up a little...  The rustic rooster is entering into our 13th year of business so we've changed a few things with our logo... etc. Keep watching our growth. It's fun! Just wait till you see our new  custom exterior sign shipped all the way from the east coast.  Thank you all for supporting the rustic rooster... We couldn't have done it without you. 2013 looks so bright and exciting!!! If you have any ideas or suggestions please do not hesitate to tell us! We love hearing from all of you! Thank you again... Happy New Year! 


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