Friday, April 13, 2012

thank you

Who doesn't love drapery treatments?!?! Come one people that's the deal breaker in any home. You want your guests to walk in and drop their jaw and say WOW, those are absolutely beautiful!  I love to play with textures in a room and make the walls come alive!  

I was asked by San Diego Premier Magazine to talk about custom window dressings... Thank you! You definitely asked the right girl. My feeling with treatments is really about adding texture to a home... Anyone can add a panel or two on a wall, but if you add detail combined with a woven wood blind your golden! Home free as I would say in the design field. Your rod should reflect the design of the room. If you have black accents... Do a black rod. If you have stained pieces in the room have your rood match your furniture. If you have a very clean & simple room add a  fabric that has a pattern to your panel.    
I love to see the layer upon layer take place. You feel the room coming at you and your eye going up as well. Don't be afraid to take risks. I tend to go towards a very classic look... My feeling with that is,  It lasts longer. I want my style to be timeless. Thank you premier magazine for asking me about window dressings!  

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