Saturday, April 7, 2012

new... new... new...

Happy Easter!

1.)  Twisted Barley Table Lamp
{A160.12 & A161.12}
2.) Bamboo Table Lamp
{A162.12 & A163.12}
3.) 4-Drawer Dresser
W33.25" x D17.5" x Ht27.25"

4.) French Leg End Tables/Nightstands
W23" x D27" x Ht.21"
$110 each
{F165.12 & F164.12}
5.) Children's School Desk {Pencil Not Included}
W23.5" x D18" x Ht.24.5"
6.) Bamboo Bracelets
One Size Fits Most
$4 each

7.) Decorative Matchbooks
$3.50 each
8.) 3-Drawer Cabinet
W31.25" x  D18.5" x Ht.29"

9.) Vintage Oval Mirror
10.) Porcelain Top Cabinet
W27" x D22.25" x Ht.31"

11.) Buffet with Extended Pop-up Leaf
W45.5" - 70" x D18.5" x Ht24.5"
12.)  French Leg 3-Drawer Nightstand
W28.5" x D15.24" x Ht31"

If you have any questions on 
 measurements & pricing please
 call the rustic rooster,

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