Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I found this garage door last night on Pinterest... And I can't stop thinking about it. What kind of car sleeps in there? Where is this garage door located? In Europe or right here in the United States? The look and style have captivated me. I want to live in this neighborhood. I feel the single lantern makes the garage look so lonely. This garage is meant for a small street. An alley garage. Secret entrance feel... The ivy exudes a secret garden presence. Mysteries but still visual.  I bet an old Austin Martin is parked inside. The car was passed down to his grandson. I love to dream... Dreaming only makes me reach for my goals {wink}! I will wonder what's inside all day... But create a magical story in my head. Hmmm what do you think is behind this garage door? 

1 comment:

  1. Ha! I do the same thing :) Someone classy lives there. And they have a convertible....probably an old mercedes one. A lady with bright red lipstick drives it with the top down and her hair in a Hermes scarf....she is on her way to get her nails done and then have lunch with her girlfriends at the Country Club after a round of tennis.


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