Wednesday, December 14, 2011

keeping you in the loop

I feel like I've been a little MIA for the last few weeks. Hey, when it rains it definitely pours. I think we all had colds for a few weeks...  Then work has been out of control busy & now I'm trying to get ready for Christmas. I know you all are in the same boat too... So here's a rundown of what I've been up to! 

Just finished up a 2 day photo shoot at a client's house {interior & exterior}... When I get the photos back from my photographer I will share. 

This little man insisted on going swimming the other day. Really!?!?! It was like 50 degrees out... My husband & I were tempted to throw him in to show him how cold it was because he wasn't believing us at the time. Don't worry, we didn't! I thought that was too cruel. His body would have gone into shock. 

At my house which is always changing & evolving... I had a banquette built in my kitchen. This picture below is with my little narrow desk that was on the other side of the kitchen. It looks pretty wimpy & sad.  


Don't worry this farm table is what I had in mind... I love the color, texture, the look... I want it all! I need a narrow table so that's why it has to be custom made. 

  I flew up to San Francisco to meet with a new client a few weeks back... As I waited for my flight I did a lot of thinking. I realized I was so blessed in life & career that I wanted to thank you all for the love & support you have given me through the years! I know I have had my ups & downs but we all have. Hey, no one's perfect. Thank you!


Arriving in Oakland & driving to my client's home I was in heaven. Look at these trees. They looked like they were straight out of a movie. The colors were unreal! I needed this to re-charge my body & soul and I definitely came back re-charged. Thanks Northern Cal!

Taylor took another art class with my dear friend and artist Susan Wickstrand. She had a blast!

I just completed a wonderful office install for a client... 


I've tried to do a little Christmas shopping as well... Look at this sweater Ryan is getting. It's adorable! Cross my fingers he loves it as much as mom & I do. Lands End you always make me smile... Thank you! 

We've been brushing our teeth... On a regular basis. The dentist came to Ryan's school so now he's obsessed with his teeth. Good Job Ryan!  

We finally got a Christmas tree. Yes, the kids were good. Thank God because I didn't want to not get them one. I can't even tell you how excited they were when we arrived at Home Depot. Of course they had to take a picture in the cut outs... Gotta love Ryan's new smile. ha ha ha  


I tried & tried to get a good shot of the kids for a possible Christmas card... I think I did get 1 or 2 out of the 50 I took. See this is what I got again. At least Taylor & Sean look pretty cute! 

Here's the Tree... Oh by the way we NO JOKE picked this tree out in 1 second flat & it's perfect! 

At 6:30 am the next day our little elves wanted Sean & I up so they could decorate the tree... I'm still hurting from waking up that early. But, it was definitely worth it!

Hope everyone is doing well...
Thanks for staying & reading!


  1. Beautiful post as much prettiness :)
    Always enjoy your blog (and our twitter conversations!)

    Have a great day!

    Karen (kkiibbee on twitter)

  2. love this post! the picture of ryan ready for a swim cracked me up. i loved seeing little glimpses into your home too - so pretty. i'm crazy about your new dining room table! yowza!! have a lovely weekend!


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