Wednesday, November 30, 2011

new... new... new...

1). Long dresser
84"L x 21"D x 30"H
{F 470} 
2). White Hutch
48"L x 20"D 78"H
{F 370}
3). Dresser
{F 645}
48"L x 22"D x 33"H
4). French Leg Side table
22"L x 20"D x 22"H
* Pick a color!
5). French Leg Side table
{F 647}
22"L x 20"D x 22"H
* Pick a color!
6). Vintage Kids chair
{F 643}
7). Highboy dresser
(F 639}
35"L x 17"D x 52"H
*Pick a color!
8). French Leg Coffee table
{ F 648}
48"L x 26"D x 18'H
*Pick a color!

9). Low Long dresser
{F 644}
65.5"L x 17"D x 34"H
*Pick a color!
10). Oval French Leg coffee table
{F 640}
*Pick a color!

*** The rooster is full of new pillows ***

If you have any questions on
 measurements or pricing please call
the rustic rooster,

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