Sunday, November 13, 2011

2011 costume

I know how much you all have wanted to know what my kids were for Halloween this year. I'm sure because of this fabulous blog post I did here... I know the anticipations been killing you... Sleepless nights, constant blog checks... Well, here they are in all their glory! {chuckle}


- Fairy princess {taylor} & Storm Trooper by day/Spider Man by night {ryan} -
By the way, Taylor won  the sweetest costume award at her school!  Nice way to get noticed & she's only just in Kindergarten... Go team Scully! The real thanks should go to  my mother... She is a master seamstress/perfectionist so of course Taylor would win! Thank you Grandma!!!!! xoxo 

Don't you just love Ryan's red cowboy boots... ? He borrowed them from his sister! How do you tell a 3 year old that a storm trooper doesn't wear red boots? You don't! They're a lot of things you have to give up & go with the flow... Ryan hasn't let grandma make his costumes yet... Target won this year, again!
Here's a picture I took really fast of all the kids {cousin Spencer} together ready to go out for trick-or-treating on the 101 in Encinitas. Its a blast!!! If you haven't done it yet... I highly recommend it.

1.) It's safe 
2.) Super easy
3.) Fun
4.) Adorable
5.) Extremely community oriented

That's music to my ears!!!
We've already started planning next years costumes... So many great ideas! See you next year with {2012} costume!


  1. OMG! Alex, what a cute post. I love the way Taylor has the star up to her eye - that's precious! and Ryan with the boots??! the funniest, sweetest thing i've ever seen. at first i thought Baby S was floating in the air, but upon closer inspection i see papa has him? and i love Ryan's go green trick or treat bag. this is one post i'm sharing with the boys. xoaa

  2. It totally looks like Taylor is holding Spencer with one hand! Luv it...

  3. Alicia... I actually forgot Taylor & Ryan's pumpkins at home so grandma grabbed those bags. lol

    Tina... Taylor is one strong little lady! ;)


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