Thursday, October 20, 2011

before & after: drama free

From the moment I walked into this home I knew a lot of work had to be done… I’m not saying the bones of this house were bad it just needed to be updated. Basically stripped of its old self & brought back to life. Everything was very staged & dramatic. Layer upon layer were peeled away during this process!

My clients are very simple {& extremely FUN} people. They have 3 kids so simplicity is tattooed on their foreheads… No frills just get to the point because we have a soccer game in 10 minutes! My kind of family.

{mls - before}
After many conversations on the feel of the room we finally nailed it. By adding seagrass rugs to define the two spaces we knew we were headed in the right direction. 
We couldn't part with the gorgeous pine hutch. No joke, I thought a time or two how could I steal it without them knowing I took it. You should see it in person... Absolutely stunning! This pieces just completes the room. I love a library look which is contained yet slightly messy.  I then designed a farm table that also wows you as you walk in the home. It's a casual table dressed up with classic wing backs & a chandelier.  

The cool fabrics, soft lighting & fresh new wall paint add a sense of peace to the room. You want to sit down & read a book in silence. Something my clients have never done before... But, now is attempted. I have brought A's to all the kids’ report cards & smiling faces to mom &   dad. {chuckle} This has been a rustic rooster interior design success story! Hope you enjoyed my before & after...


  1. So much fresher!! I want the hutch too :)

  2. good lord you are good alexandra. i want to hire you!

  3. luuurve it, Alex, well done! when you are grabbing the hutch will you grab that bamboo table for me??! xoxoAlicia


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