Friday, October 21, 2011

all you need is love

Ahhhh Elephant pancakes! This picture is so adorable! I would love to wake up to this on my breakfast table.  Seeing a picture like this makes me want to be a better mom. Trying to think outside the box & push myself to create more for them... I want them to have everything in life. I'm not talking about tangible ostentatious things I'm talking about lovable creative things... Like adventures. It's about the memories not the quantities of gifts. I'm realizing a lot of things right now. I was put on an insane/intensely strict budget challenge that has opened my eyes. Oh they're open right now. I'm not going to lie... I've wanted to buy like I've normally done, but now I'm re-prioritizing everything & getting very creative. So when I saw this picture it started to justify all the positive things I'm doing & changing in my life. I believe my kids should have anything & everything... But,  I can do all that in different ways. Through love & creativity.  They don't need the latest bling bling clothes... Because they don't even know what that bling bling label really is. My husband is making me think... he has reiterated this questions over & over again...  Do you need that or do you want that? Arghhhh He's so right! The truth hurts. lol This challenge is the best thing I've ever done. In the long run all I'll really need is my elephant pancakes & love! Try it... You'll like it too! {smile}


  1. ah, need and want - two very different beast to tame. you're a great mom, Alex - how could you not be? you had two fantastic role models - mama and grandma rooster!
    great post! thanks for sharing. i hope you have a great day. and p.s. regular pancakes will always get the job done, too. lots of love, a.

  2. Oh man...I'm right there with you on the being put on a budget thing! This economy is just brutal and it's really tested us as a family, but it has made us stop and appreciate the little things and not the stuff we use to buy or the fancy trips we use to take. I DO miss them..really really..miss them. But it's times like these that help us to grow and I truly feel it has done that for us. But man, I HATE budgets! ha!


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