Wednesday, September 7, 2011

take a peek...

One of my bathroom remodels is coming to an end this month... Basically this project was a complete gut job. The bathroom had a water leak... So of course we had to take pretty much every ounce of drywall off & re-plumb the room. Hey, I'm not complaining. It looks wonderful. I took a left turn on my design skills verses my usual right turn. Here's a little peek at some of the bathrooms highlights... 
Need to buy towels, hang towel bars & pictures... Then lay the bath mat & VOILA I'm all DONE! Stay tuned... I'm having it photographed  then I'll show you all!


  1. Keep the inspirational photos coming! I'm moving to San Diego, downsizing to a one bedroom apartment, and redecorating. I look forward to visiting the shop. The first thing on my list is a black, round, 4 seater table. Do you have anything like that? Price?

  2. Paige... I'm on a roll! Please do stop by the rooster! We always get tables in. Tables like that can start at 150 & go to 300. Great prices!!! Plus, you can bring your own table in & we can paint it for you... FUN! ;) xoxo Alexandra

  3. Thanks a bunch! Look forward to seeing you soon.


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