Wednesday, August 17, 2011

i heart solana beach

Welcome to the Solana Beach cottage! I'm doing this entire house in pretty much 1 week {remember this post here}... It's fabulous, but definitely needs a lot of TLC.  I love homes like this... They have character & charm. You can smell the history. Closets have growth charts from the previous kids. Gardens are still blooming from the last mother who planted it.  Fireplaces have logs in it from the last fire  & floors still creak where you open & close that closet door. That's so refreshing to me... I love it's history to hold on to & make new memories to carry on!  Your pretty lucky if you have that in your home... Hold on to it & cherish it! You're special because your not like the rest of your neighbors!

Now here's the crazy/fun part for me... Everything has to be done by Sunday at the latest... Because 1.) The home owners are flying in from New York & 2.) I'm leaving for Santa Barbara on Monday. OMG! 
Everyday something new is being added & hung on the walls... I love it! Here's a little peek... I'll take more photos later. More furniture is being delivered tomorrow. It's turning out amazing!  

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