Friday, July 8, 2011


The weather here in San Diego has been unbelievable. It's definitely hot mixed in with a tint of humidity, but oh my gosh it's amazing. We've been swimming before & after dinner pretty much every night. Then last night the sunset was absolutely beautiful... My house was glowing! You know when your constantly on the go... Running here, picking up this or that, screaming at one child or busy doing something unproductive... Well, I didn't even notice the glow of the sunset till I turned & looked at my mantel. That's when I stopped & took it all in. Life passes us by so fast we all need to stop & relax... Slowly & Quietly. Was your house glowing last night? Did you notice the sunset?    


  1. What magic ... glad you were able to slow down enough to capture it :)

  2. i like your mantal. and your thoughts.

  3. I love this time of lasts only for a few moments, but you're right it is "glowing." Your beautiful mantel captured the glow perfectly!


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