Thursday, December 30, 2010

all in a rainy day

Well, yesterday was one of those days... Cold & very rainy. I dread those days because when you coop up 2 young kids with tons of energy inside it gets very very bad {out of control}. So I tried to plan a few things before hand {thanks forecast for preparing me}... By the way this is a first for me. I usually just wing it, day by day.

Lego party {everywhere} for Ryan

Beads, beads & more beads for Taylor to make tons of necklaces. {thanks Santa} Ryan tried , but I ended up making his for him. Not my idea of fun.

Creation # 1 {necklace} & Creation # 2 {bracelet}
I made Chocolate chip cookies... OH my they were delicious! Not a good idea when you're cooped up. I pretty much ate most of them. What ever they were so good!

Made a few beds... Taylor's new bedding from Pottery Barn. So cute!

Ryan dressed up... & drank! I wish I could have done that. {lol}

Then we met up with Taylor's good friend's Chloe...

They were all bundled up because we were going ice skating!

OK I haven't been ice skating in years... The last time I think I was in skates was high school. I like to think that was yesterday, but wow that was ages ago. It was a mad house yesterday.. So many kids & parents. But sure fun! You could feel the little kids excitement in the air.

Taylor & mommy in our skates. Looks like we have moon boots on.

Susan & Chloe on the ice

Taylor & I having a blast!

The girls were so annoyed with me because I was taking a gazillion pictures of them. Taylor kept saying mom you always do this... Hurry up & lets skate.

Then this guy {Ryan} really wanted to get in on the action. I felt awful because he was just watching on the sidelines with Teresa. I didn't want to take him on the ice because I thought he would hate it. OK you can't do that to a little one when everyone is having a blast. Lesson learned! I mustered up the courage got him a pair of skates & took him out on the ice too.

He loved it... No joke I couldn't stop him. I really tried to get a picture but, ever time I would say top & take a shot he would run after me & say, lets go! So here he is! I so didn't plan the Adidas running suit for him. He looked like a true skater on training day. lol

Look close Ryan & I are skating away... Impressive for only 2 1/2 years old

Families that skate together stay together!

By the end this is how I was skating with Ryan... Taylor was skating all on her own. Pretty impressed. She has definitely been bit by the skating bug. Oh Gosh I hope she doesn't want to start training. I can't get up at 4 am. Of course I would do it for her... {please no, please no}

If you live in the San Diego area
you must go to the UTC shopping mall & go Ice Skating at
Be prepared to have f.u.n... The Scully clan we'll be back!

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  1. Too cute! I've been contemplating taking our 3 1/2 year old ice or roller skating. Wasn't sure she would be able to do it, but after seeing your pics...well I think I see an activity in our near future.


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