Saturday, December 18, 2010

ahhh the joys of children

It was a chilly December night... Not a cloud in sight! The kids were singing Christmas songs as I baked little Gingerbread men. The fire was roaring, but something was missing... OH a Christmas Tree. I had a brilliant idea... Lets go buy a Christmas Tree tonight. I loaded my little precious angels in the car all snuggled in their jackets & scarves. OH it was such a magical night! Then I had another idea... I could take a gorgeous picture of my children in front of our newly purchased Christmas Tree. OH how glorious... Well, here's how the evening went down...

Ahhh the joys of children... As you can see the night didn't end the way I thought it would. Mommy didn't get a Christmas card photo! I just got a strong drink {just kidding} & a huge head ache!
Good times with the Scully children!
{no children were harmed in this photo shoot... i did want to kill them though}


  1. Oh the memories come flooding back!!! Mine are 25 and 23 and it seems like yesterday! Enjoy those darling Scully kids!!!

  2. Cheryl, I know they grow so fast {so sad}... But, I'm in the thick if it! Need help!

    Tina, I love that one too!


  3. Thanks, it's lovely knowing I am not alone :) ( oh, and we have 'angry teeth' in our house too ;) xoxo

  4. Oh the life of a mom....cute kids!

  5. The second to last photo is classic. Such love in her face (hee hee).

    P.S. Did you see what I made with the swatch?

  6. Oh my gosh! Too stinking cute! I love the one where your daughter is hugging (squeezing) your son's head!!
    Merry Christmas
    xo Sissy


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