Monday, November 8, 2010

date night mixed in with a birthday dinner

I will admit I can never get a good picture with the kids that I love or a perfect picture with the hubby... I'm usually the one who's always taking the pictures or my kids are getting extremely silly in all the shots {no smiles}... Hence I have no real good family photos!
As you can see Ryan has a flash light & thinks it's hysterical to flash papa in the eyes with it. I'm trying to control him from blinding my dad... But this is the most decent one of all of us. It has character! That's going to be my new saying... "The Scully's photos have Character"!

It was Sean's birthday on Sunday so we went out for a nice dinner down south to Urban Solace. We wanted a change of scenery as well. I've heard so much about that restaurant... Plus, it's coming to Encinitas!!! A perfect surprise for Mr. Scully.
Taylor was invited along for this adventure because she can actually sit, hold a conversation & be quiet when need be. Plus, she's amazing at saying please & thank you! Taylor's now getting to that age {all you mom's know what I mean}

Oh what a night... So picture perfect!


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