Monday, November 2, 2009

A Pirate Goes A Trick-or-Treating!

Arrrrr... Ryan The Pirate

Walking the plank... {Trying to keep up with everyone}

He met a Princess...
But LOVED the crowd
{Ryan could really care less about the princess...
He was so excited that everyone was looking at HIM on stage!
It was pretty cute & funny!}

Played the Bongo Drums with the band

Did his funny face with daddy...
I think Sean really instigates that face... Hmmm

Wanted to RUN from mom {Let me down!}

Wanted to RUN from dad {Let me down}

Arrrr Matey... A Pirate is A resting!
The life of a Trick-or-Treating Pirate


  1. I melted when I saw Ryan Sat. night. He was with your mom and was sooooooo ADORABLE!!!!

  2. I know... I just wanted to eat him up! Loved his costume!!!
    xoxo, Alexandra


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