Friday, November 13, 2009

I have have finally raised the white flag in my house...

As a strong, outgoing, fun, loving mom & wife I have finally realized I can't do it all! I try & most of the time I can do it all, but their are those moments were I do get tired & want to veg-out or just spend quality time with my kiddos & husband. I bet by now your wondering what I'm getting at. Here it is... I can't make every single meal & make it healthy too. It's a lot of work. All the prep time, ingredients to buy & waiting till it's done. That sounds like a cop-out, but work all day, turn in to a taxi driver, play with the kids & then create a healthy flavorful meal for the whole family... WOW, I'm just tired thinking about it. I've decided to look into a weekly food delivery service or a personal chef. I want good, healthy, fresh & organic meals. I know it sounds pricey, but I think it actually works out less expensive & a whole lot cheaper in the long run... That sounds so beautiful to my ears! The weight just lifted off my shoulders!

I've looked in to:

Do any of you have any suggestions of services or chefs that you have used or are using? I need all the help I can get... Thanks! Please tell ALL!


  1. I've looked into doing this when we first moved here (but my excuse wasn't as good as yours). I think it was because I was a little overwhelmed and found that we were eating out way too much. Anyhoo, you can also check out Dream Dinners. There is one in the Forum and one in Solana beach. You can go online to to find out more. I love chickpeas though too! Good luck with your search and hopefully you will find the perfect balance that you deserve and that weight gets lifted off your shoulders. I know it must be hard running such a successful business. There are times where I want to work and fulfill my dreams of opening up a shop or having your job haha!, but I have no clue how to balance all of that. You do such a great job of it!!!! xoxoxox

  2. Thank you so much! I do try & sometimes I do need a little help... Yes, I have heard of them. I'm going to check them out! Thanks!
    xoxo, Alexandra

  3. I've got a lot to say on this me ; )


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