Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Look what I can do...

Doesn't he look so
innocent, cute &

I just want to eat my little guy up with Kisses all day long...

Ryan Steven Scully is at the ahhhhh your so cute stage - 16 months

** BUT **

He's ALL boy & into EVERYTHING... Plus, he thinks he can do it all himself (no joke he really does)! Like this Kids power charged Barbie ATV... He was all over that! I didn't really show him who, what, when, where or why & he was OFF...

Look at me mom this is how you do it...! I'm sure he was thinking that. I so can do this mom! I rock!

So serious... I can do it! He kept riding it around & around & around! Perfect for me... It kept him HAPPY & BUSY!

I didn't mean to take out that rose bush... Aunt Polly you didn't need it anyway!!!

I'm off again (we kept saying go Ryan Go) He loved it... I think I peed in my pants laughing so hard at him. The laughing I think egged him on.
** NOW **

Mom I can eat on my own... The girls need to see what a big boy I am. He wouldn't let me feed him at all! I swear it ... It was a huge battle!
OOOOhhh Mom look what I did... Got ice cream all over myself!
But, I did clean my bowl!
That's my little (growing up sooo fast) Guy!
Aunt Polly thanks for the fun family time!

1 comment:

  1. in Texas, we would say, "this boy is a mess." translates to, "watch out world, here he comes." great post!


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