Wednesday, April 29, 2009

So Busy

So sorry for the lack of posts . . . I over scheduled myself this week. Working full time and being a mom can get kind of tough. I love what I do, but sometimes I can't do it all. My brain has been totally consumed with a new huge project I'm working on, plus the street fair, and re-purchasing new furniture and ordering new accessories for the rooster . . . So when that happens I get above and beyond engrossed in work. For example (this is where my brain is, today) I took my new car to the Volvo dealership to have the windows tinted . . . etc. I had the courtesy driver take me back to my office and what do you know I kept my car keys in my purse. 5 minutes after I walked in the office, the service center called and said, ahhhh miss you took the car keys with you. Oh my gosh!!!!! I need a vacation really bad . . . Hawaii take me away. I'm going to try and channel my husband for a vacation right now (Sean read my BLOG please . . . He says he does, we shall see). Much much needed!

Here are some gorgeous photographs taken by one of my really good friends Kevin Roche . . . Look at these photos . . . They're perfect! Kevin's an amazing photographer . . . Kevin you make me want to leave for Hawaii NOW!!!

1 comment:

  1. i so know what you mean... i need a vacation bad!!!! just two more months and i 'm there...hang in there... remind Sean mothers day is coming up..hint, hint.


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